What you need in an uncertain time is “HOW TO FIND YOUR OWN QUESTIONS”

“DQ coaching program” that acquiring ability

to  find your own questions

for everyone in VUCA.


【Driving Question

Questions to “progress while seeking the best answer optimized solution at every moment”, you won’t be bound by any methods or ways.

Problem solving methods that can be bought with money are full of society.

We no longer know how to find the way, now that occupations and companies have a lifespan.

It’s difficult to set a clear vision and make a plan to get there. It’s such a time now. 

DQ coaching program offers

“The ability to set questions” and “the flexible stance”.

You can set the question that drives you.

✓ For executives and entrepreneurs(/ in the future)

✓ For you who seeking careers

✓ For you who learn with high expertise

✓ For teachers and adults involved in children

Useful when


I want to find my dream / goal
I want to make the project successful
I don't know what I like
I don't know what I want to do
I want to start a business but have anxiety
I want to gain confidence
I don't know how to shape what I want to do
I want to think about how to be a leader
I'm thinking about side jobs or multiple jobs
Thinking about changing jobs or getting a job
I want to find my axis
I want to draw a vision that involves others
I want to learn qualifications and skills
I want to do something but don't know the idea

98.1% of customers who use it feel a sense of progress.


Women in their 20s (college student)

It was very refreshing when I clarified what I wanted to value and what I valued and asked questions. If you are stuck on something or want to stop and think, use this driving question to find the question and drop it into yourself.


30's, male (preparing for business)

I realized what I was driving and where I was. It's a total of two hours, so even if you can't make your own time, you'll feel comfortable with yourself! I thought it might be difficult on my own, but having a professional coach can help me to stand alone.


50's / Female (Manager)

I was always wondering what I wanted to do and what my goals were, so this was a very good match for me. I feel that the direction has become apparent somehow, and I feel that the stuffy thing is going to disappear in one step.

Choosable attendance methods



Japan, Oxford, Paris, Myanmar
Workshops are held irregularly.
In 1.5 to 2 hours, you can experience setting questions. Held by coaches from different countries or on request. Please feel free to contact us!
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Individual online coaching (2 times)

Set up a one-on-one online question with your coach.
2Two sessions (60 minutes each), with two or three weeks between sessions.


Q. Can you come to the workshop?