Online course

This session is for those who are making driving questions for the first time, or those who have undergone a workshop before but would like to face themselves.


Ask yourself questions in two sessions (60 minutes each). All sessions will be conducted using an online format (such as Zoom).

■ Features of the session
Just twice. Exploration time for the second period
About one month
Verbalization with high quality questions from professional coaches
Online. Anytime, anywhere
■ How to recommend a session
There are two online courses, 60 minutes each.
Speak with confidence as a coach with extensive session experience will navigate.


(1) Refine your subjectivity
Look at the words that come up when you are released from "you who are accustomed to being evaluated by others."


② Know inner words
Using the method of photo-learning, verbalize the feelings that emerge from oneself from the photographs.


③Action by characteristic
Learn the strengths of your sensors and create an environment where you can easily speak and wear them by the second time.


④Review of the action
Review the actions you have taken according to your sensor.


⑤inner words analysis
I will analyze the identity of my inner words with my coach.


⑥Change to a question
Translate the words that come up into questions and make them the best for you.

About 2-3 weeks


*English version in preparation
If you apply for a personal session, you will receive a workbook (30 pages in total).
This workbook is the same B5 size as the university notebook, and is a companion to deepen the driving question while spinning words with the coach during the session and writing out the "little feelings" caught in everyday life.
The workbook is made of a slightly higher quality paper than plain paper.
One page that spells out important words that came up from you. When you face yourself, feel like writing a diary. When I think back, I feel like turning the album.
We focused on lightness so that we could carry it freely outside of the session.
I hope that the time spent moving back and forth between one's past, present and future, and expressing what one wants to go into words, will be enjoyable and rich.

10,000 yen / 1 time

(Total 22,000 yen / tax included)